Frequently Asked Questions

 What is
After a couple of years of having loaned out our ski apartment in France to friends and family we felt we needed a more efficient booking system. We wanted to have an online system where people could make a reservation and receive automated emails confirming their booking. In addition, some of our friends and colleagues had holiday homes of their own, so we could see the potential of having a 'shared' system. Andrew wrote the C# code and Jane wrote the words.

Méribel, France, 2003
Andrew Jones | Jane Hodges
 How much does it cost to use
It is currently free, and will remain free for clients. For owners, the basic booking calendar will remain free but we may introduce a small storage charge for uploaded photographs and documents. For property owners who sign up at the moment there will not be a charge for the first 12 months. If you would like to advertise on the site please contact us.
 I already have a web site, can I link to

Yes, you can. As a property owner you need to acquire a link to your individual property. You can do this by registering with and then adding your property details. Once you have acquired the URL link this can be added to your own website or emailed to friends/family.

You can include an HTML link as shown below (replace 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 with your unique property id).

You can send the web link when you view your property details. Enter an email address and click the Send button. It is useful to send the link to your own email address so you can then forward it on to friends.

 As a client how many properties can I book with?

You can only view properties you have been 'invited' to book by the property owner. If you have been invited by more than one owner, and have made bookings, you can click on the 'View My Bookings' button to see all your bookings. If you have not made a booking you need to click on the link which the owner emailed to you.

 I own more than one property, how can I add these into the system?

At present you must add all holiday properties into the system separately. As an owner you can register multiple properties.

 How can I see which clients I have sent a property link to?

On the Property Details page you can click on the History button to view a list of people you have sent emails to. This list includes any addresses you entered into the yellow email link box, and the addresses of any clients who have made a booking. (In the future this will be enhanced to allow owners to send a bulk email to all clients in this list.)

 I have an agent that looks after my property, how can I inform them of client bookings?

When you set up your property details, add your agent’s email address into the notification email box. This ensures that your agent is notified each time a client makes a booking and it is confirmed. Alternatively, you can give your agent the normal property link which will allow them to view the booking calendar for your property.

 Can my clients book my property for part-days?

No, this is not possible. The booking system only allows bookings to be made on a per night basis.

 Why do the weeks on the booking calendar commence on Saturdays?

This is because Saturday is generally the first night that people start their holidays.

 Why do the weeks on the booking calendar commence on Saturdays?

This is because is run on a server in New York, and the server time is used rather than your local time. This does not effect your ability to use the website at all.

 I have uploaded photos as part of my property details. How do I specify which photo appears as the first enlarged image?

Once uploaded, the photos and documents are displayed alphabetically by filename. Therefore to force a particular photo to appear large, precede the filename with a number or a character such as underscore ‘_’ which sorts before the numbers and letters.

 What is the maximum file size for documents and photos?

Your browser has an upload limit of 3MB. Anything larger will not work. Try and keep photos to a couple of hundred kilobytes, anything larger takes too long to download. The server automatically resizes bitmaps on demand. You can only upload Microsoft Word (.DOC), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) and JPEG photos (.JPG). PDF is probably the best format for documents, as the files tend to be much smaller than .doc files.

 How can I see who has booked my property?

View the Booking Calendar and hover your mouse over the grey (reserved) or green (confirmed) bookings. The name of the client is displayed as a tool tip. In addition, property owners (and people that are included in the property notification email box, such as property agents) have the added privilege of being able to click on the actual booking to see further client details.

 Who is notified when a client reservation is accepted or rejected?

The client and the property owner is notified by email, plus any other users that are included in the notification email box (such as the property agent).

 What would you like?

If you have any features you would like us to include please let us know. Email your ideas to

 What is being planned for the future?

- The ability for clients to rate the properties that they have stayed in.
- The ability for clients to upload photos and comments into a 'guest book' facility.